art through light = light through art

Hand made ornemental craft work ~ jewelry


Prints on epoxy glass


Looktru came to life after many years of exploratory ventures. After displaying our photography work the classical way, we started exploring different ways of showing our phototographic work. First hand, we managed to put them on wood, then, we figured out a unique way to integrated them to glass. Looktru was born. Astoria, NYC, December 2015 I sublet my appartment for few months... to the wrong guy. I leave most of my belongings in the flat. He gets in a conflict with the landlord and I end up getting loosing the appartment. All my stuff is put in a garage close by.. When I come back to get my stuff in June, all my art material and finished pieces are gone.. never to be seen again. It took 7 years to get Looktru back in motion, this time from Thailand. Tropical climate brought new challenges and a great deal of diversity with a lot of new natural materials to the project. Hope you enjoy

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About our products

Your treasured pictures shinning through the light
We combine the natural frame of organic material to display in a unique way your pictures. We came up with a technique to embed the image inside the epoxy glass resin, letting the light go through. These decorative ornaments can be disposed anywhere around your place. They also make beautiful Christmas tree ornements!